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Catch your horse, dust off your tack and grab your helmet & boots and come join us in the Horse Department! 

We will provide you with an opportunity to learn, practice and then show your horse before a certified horse judge.

Classes are open to all ages up to nineteen years and all skill levels. Classes include; Showmanship, safely handling a horse from the ground and Western and English Equitation, where emphasis is based on rider’s ability.  We encourage all exhibitors to participate in all classes.

Saturday is the learning and practice day with a judge then Sunday is the day to show what was learned.  

Everyone receives a T-shirt to wear on show day.

Ribbons are awarded to everyone on improvement of skills. 

Trophies and ribbons are awarded to the top exhibitors.

Youth Fair is a fun learning experience that gives youth an opportunity to know what it’s like to be

part of a horse show!


Jann Hayden

Phone: 360-269-0286


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