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Ashley Sennes

Phone: 360-269-4908


Do you have a rabbit or guinea pig at home? Have you ever wished you knew how to handle your furry friend in a safer way? Maybe you’re interested in 4-H and curious what showing your furry friend in 4-H events means? Maybe you’re already in 4-H, but needing a refresher course to prepare for fair season? 
Then Youth Fair is for you! 
The Rabbit & Cavy (guinea pig) department for the Spring Youth Fair is designed to help teach our youth how to safely handle their animals, as well as help with their 4-H skills for the coming year. We give a hands-on clinic in fitting and showing, which is how to properly and safely handle the animal and know of the proper information to know about their animal’s breed. We also give a clinic on how a judging contest works, where each kid gets to be the judge on groups of rabbits, posters, food dishes, etc. This is designed to be easy, as well as hard enough for kids of any experience. All of these clinics are followed by competitions giving the kids a chance to show off what they have learned over the weekend and to win prizes! 
Youth Fair is attended by kids from all over Washington and even Oregon. The expertise of our exhibitors range from 0-8+ years of showing! This makes it so even between clinics, the kids can still learn from those around them. 

I hope you come and join us for a fun weekend full of learning and making new friends.

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